Jaye Watts, A Star in the Making!

Jaye Watts is a talented Singer/Songer and amazing  friend. She has written hits for mega artists like Beyonce, Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Ciara to name a few. Hear what she has to say about what it takes to make it in the music business and checkout her Hit single, Hitch Hiking for Love. I promise you won't be disappoint. Oh Yeah and she is super hot, no sexy! 

You are a Singer/Songwriter. Which do you prefer? 

This is such a commonly asked question! I must respond the way I always do, choosing between those two people that I am, is like me choosing to either be a woman or a human. I was born both and they're all I know how to be, so I work on perfecting them both each moment that passes.

I read that you opened up for Trey Songz. How was that? Is he as attractive in person as he is in his music videos?

I did open for Trey last year, a 5000 maxed out concert in Rochester, NY. I mean, everyone has their preferences....he's not bad but I’d opt for a brother sister relationship oppose to romantic. I’m a Boris Kodjoe, Michael Ealy, Paul Walker kinda girl myself.

You have written songs for Chris Brown, Beyonce Trey Songz, Ciara, Rihanna & Toni Braxton. Have you met any of these artists. What is it like to write for such talented people?

I have, I'm had the pleasure of meeting several artists including Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg, Ledisi, Keisha Cole, Busta Rhymes among others. I expect to meet soo many more in the coming months with projects I’m working on.

When you begin to write, what inspires you? Do you start with a melody, a beat, a phrase, or what?

Honestly, life itself is inspiring. I people watch a lot, just relaxing at the park on the grass, and I get inspiration from everything. There is a melody in every water wave, wind rustle and even the silence. My process varies every time. Sometimes I hear what the producer spoke through their music other times, I create the melody and begin with a story that unfolds.

What is your favorite song you have ever written and why?

Wow...there are a couple, but I think "where do we from here" is probably one of my favorites. All heck, "anything goes" is actually a favorite too, an up-tempo song I wrote with a "Guns and Roses" sample. They are both super powerful in their own right and quite true to home.

On your blog I read that you hate Beyonce's songs Video Phone and Run the World (Girls). You even said it "pains your ears". Why? Do you think Beyonce would sing one of your songs after reading such criticism? 

I think Beyonce would sing great music if she heard it, so yes i do. I've actually written songs for Beyonce. I have my preferences like everyone and I do not like "Run the World". The melody of both songs are awful and while the videos are amazing and Beyonce yet remains absolutely beautiful, that doesn’t obligate me to liking the song itself. For the record, she didn’t write either, so she would be offended by an opinion. Everyone has one.

Recently you sang Did You Ever Love Me,  a tribute to Deborah Cox at The Annual Prestige Awards. Did you find it difficult singing one of Deborah's songs in front of her?

No it wasn't difficult, just the pressure of making sure I did it justice. I had laryngitis that show so it was only nerve wrecking because I was hoping I hit all the notes!


I am in love with your song Hitch Hiking for Love. It is amazing. It remains me of an India Arie tune. What does this song mean to you. It sounds like it is about heartbreak. Has your heart ever been broken? 

The song is actually a musical metaphor about searching for something when you feel you've tried everything you know of, and being at a place where you're not asking for the world, just to get from point A to point B. I use a lot of life and dream metaphors in terms of love because I am very passionate about both. I have experienced heartbreak, just once and that's generally all it takes for me to learn ha.


Are you currently dating anyone now? 

Look at you, all up in it! lol yes, I am dating a special actor.  He's a beautiful man inside and out.

Are you working on any new music? 

I am sooo excited to be working on a TON of new music. I’m focusing my time with an incredible and remarkable producer, Niyi Adelekan. He is such a talented musician and the music we create is blowing minds from coast to coast. I am dropping my 1st single at one of my concerts in Iuly, shooting the music video the week after and the mix tape to follow shortly thereafter.

Where do you see yourself and your music career in the next 5 years? 

As a global icon, entrepreneur with a mantle full of Grammys!

Are there artist that you are just dying to work with? If so could you name a few? 

Absolutely, Pink, PINK, and PinK! She's one of my favorite artist and heavily influences my music. Also, Tank is definitely my favorite R&B artist and it would be a dream come true to work with my idol, Tina Turner.

Who are some of your musical inspirations? 

Marvin Gaye, Dolly Parton, Nat King Cole, and honestly, anything rock, I’m in there!

What are you listening to now? What is on your ipod? 

Right now, I'm actually fluctuating between Pink's new album "Greatest Hits So Far", Chris Brown's "FAME" and Tank's "Now or Never"....and seriously, the latest song I record in the studio....those are my shits right now!

What do you consider to be your biggest success to date? 

Turning down 2 record deals because they weren't the best fit for me. It takes a lot to distinguish yourself in such a competitive and political industry. So for me to have been recognized musically by a major and independent label is an incredible feat. It's what we as artist work toward....and when the situation isn't right, it takes a lot of wisdom and patience to know when to walk away. There's more to come....