IllumiNessence EYE2025*(aka Ness of the hip hop group A-Alikes) brings the soundtrack to our future with his first solo project, EYE2025*Chapter1. Check him out! I dig his Style & his Sound. Hip-Hop made cool again. Ness self-professed King of Militant!

Ok let's start with your name. How did you get the name Eye2025? What does it mean? Do you also go by Ness?

The name EYE2025* is a character in this new film project I'm working on. The film takes place in the not too distant future (2017 - 2025). EYE2025* is his graffiti tag...he's a guerilla artist or what they would now call a street artist. He not only does visual art, he also does music as an mc, vocalist, producer, etc...  he's known by his infamous EYE symbol/logo that is plastered all over Ratner Heights (Bed Stuy, fort greene, downtown bk, prospect heights) His music and visual art is critical of the system in a time where it is illegal to do so. The significance of 2025 is that is the year the people finally break free from the state. The name EYE2025* has a few meanings Insurrection2025 being one. There's a lot more to it but we're in the middle of finishing the script so can't disclose too much more. I've been working on the score and soundtrack to the film for the past year. As for Ness, Ness is  short for illumiNessence which is my attribute (the name a gave myself when I first got knowledge of self)... most people know me as Ness one 1/2 of the hip hop group A-Alikes part of the RBG family (dead prez, Divine of the Dey, Dedan, etc) 

more on 2025*.. mathematically speaking the number 2025 adds up to 9. in the Supreme Mathematics the number 9 = Born which means to bring into existence or to create. As artist that's what we do allday everyday...create. 

How did you first get into making your own music? Is this something you have always done?

I've always been creative and into art for as long as I can rememeber, drawing my own comic books & shit like that but music came later in life as a teenager. I got into making music listening to music and being a fan of music. Artists like Nas, Wu tang, Tupac, DJ Priemier, portishead,  etc. Where most people might be casual listeners, me and my homies growing up in philly would break songs down and lose our mind to shit we loved. I remember instances like my homie Malc borrowing his mom Dodge Acclaim without permission and the whole crew packed in the car riding out thru the city blasting Raekwon's 'Glaciers of Ice' as loud as possible on some factory speakers going crazy then afterwards having some philosophical debate about who's verse was the best. So the love of the music was the spark. I would freestyle here and there, then I started sitting down writing raps and a realized is was a great therapeutic release to get all these thoughts I had swirling around in my head out... it was a wrap after that. 


You have a really interesting style going on. It seems to be Urban with an edge something kind of futuristic. How would you describe it?

Respect... I'd like to think I got many styles tho, as for the urban futuristic stuff you're referring to thats that 2025* sound that's inspired by the an artist you're conveying some idea or story...I'm just in that world so im painting that picture. Its a lot of synths & electronic sounds.. its melodic, but its hard tho..heavy bass, hard drums... its moving, its cinematic, emotive. Sounds like something that would accompany some Anime film. I'm still working on getting the sound I hear in my head out.  I been working with a few producers who understand where I'm trying to go and we're working on some ole next shit... taking pieces from things we loved from other eras but really pushing to make something new, fresh and unique...basically some 2025* shit.

 A lot of your music like your single *Digital World *tend to talk about the future and technology? How does this interest you? What are you trying to say through your music?

Basically use technology don't let technology use u...or better yet don't let the powers that be control you thru this dependency on technolgy. Facebook, twitter, and all that is cool and useful in connecting people but don't forget to live. Its all a numbers game. information is everywhere and those the run the world will use everything they can to control your life. That's one of the main themes to this film I'm working.  People are becoming robots, living virtual lives and I think we'll truly see what's happening in the coming years... most likely after its too late. Homework assignment: Research the Singularity movement and let me know what u think of that.

How would you describe your music?
smelling salts.. music that wakes u up.  people music, soundtrack to revolution. music that makes you think... 
Are you working on an Album? When do you think it will be out?
I am working on an album but I'm also working on a couple projects simotaneously as we speak. I have a few singles and visuals dropping from the EYE2025*CHAPTER1 project which is basically an introduction to 2025*. The next song I'm dropping is a single called "Pedalin' which is being featured on the upcoming Bulldog Bike mixtape. The next official album I'm working on is Chapter2 to the EYE2025* saga. I'm already like 7 songs deep... I've had private in studio listening sessions and I'm real happy with what I got so far. I'm going even further into the whole concept of 2025*, sonically its more experimental and harder. I'm going to the UK in the fall to put the finishing touches. It should be out sometime this coming winter. While I'm out there I'm also working on a collabo EP with a producer I've worked with early in my career named Baby J. He's worked with a bunch of artists out in UK including Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse, etc. We've been working via skype & email already so while I'm out there we're going to wrap up the project, start promoting it and do some shows.
Since this is primarily a fashion blog and you have a fashion point of view are there any designers that you are interested in?
For me fashion is art as opposed to a status symbol so I don't really focus on designer labels. I know alot of dope designers here in Brooklyn that make clothes for my lady (Raye 6) like Farai Simoyi, Butch Diva, House of Good Luck, etc. As for myself  I actually get alot of my stuff from thrift stores, salvation army, vintage stores etc. I like getting fresh but my stuff is about functionality as much as its about aesthetics. Like today its hot and I'm riding my bike so I need something light with a bunch of'll probably see me in some cammy shorts, vans, and a tank top...simple..  I also like graphic T's that say something powerful similar to how i like music that says something powerful. I also design my own EYE2025* Tshirts, which is an extension of the music. I got a bunch of new designs I'm dropping this summer & fall
How much is imagine important to your work as an artist?
I guess it plays a part but I'm focused on the work itself for the most part. 
What are you listening to now on your ipod?
I actually dont have an ipod right now but on my Itunes Recently Added playlist I got a bunch of beats for projects I'm working on from producers DBoi, Baghdaddy, Jack Deezl, Roalnd Dice & Baby J, this Best of Metaphysic Revolution vol. #1 lp from my comrade & amazing producer/dj Metaphysic who recently passed away (Rest in Power), the new Raye 6 single Misstery, Meek Mills Imma Boss, InnerPartySystem, Janelle Monae, Hot Sugar, Penguin Prison, etc   
 Are there any other artists that you are interested in working with? 
Justice, Portishead, The bomb squad (Public Enemy), RZA, Daft Punk, Empire of the Sun, Tupac 
Do you have any musical icons?
That word Icon is funny but if I had to say icon i would say artist like Prince, Nas, Rakim, Jimi Hendrix, Tupac, Gil Scott Heron, Rza, Public Enemy, Gorgio Mororder...
What is the next step for you Ness?
Next step is to finish this EYE2025*CHAPTER2 LP, do shows on every continent, continue linking with like minded artist, get this film funded and shot, continue to inspire revolution 
Finally, How would you like to impact the music world? What mark do you want to leave?
I'm focused more on the world in general as opposed to just the music world. I want to see radical change. I want to see a world where people are valued more than money. people over the dollar. All this focus on making money is whats taking some of the beauty out of life. It would be dope to see a world where instead of all these  advertisements you see posted everywhere you have amazing works of ART everywhere... imagine that.