Other People

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-8fZ00wRBk] Okay, So I have posted this before, but my friends at Other People are doing a KickStarter. So show your support!!! Here is a little more from the kids at Other People. Xo, Q

Other People is a wild and colorful video series about 3 misfit roommates living in an ever-evolving, haunted world.

On the surface, Other People is a kooky parody of modern living in the urban fray. At its core, this video series is an exploration of how one’s being is constantly altered by place. To date, we have created the first three sections of this ongoing series in our native Brooklyn.  Now, the story we began on a summer night in 2008 must expand beyond our own city limits.  For the final three chapters of Other People, we seek to discover new locations to expand our narrative and evolve our characters.

The plan is this: the three of us have been donated an awesome, twenty-six-foot-long RV to give this story wheels.  This fall we will take said crazy vehicle from it’s home in North Carolina, wind our way up through the Mid-West, then pause in Nebraska for an amazing month-long residency at Art Farm (www.artfarmnebraska.org).  Then it’s off to the Wild West, out to LA to touch our toes in the Pacific Ocean, then a quick turn-of-the-wheel to journey homeward through the Southern United States, all the way home to Brooklyn. Along the way, we will film our cross-country tale and host screenings, sharing our work and fostering a new community. We will film everyday using consumer grade cameras, homemade puppets, lo-fi digital effects, stop motion animation and stylized performances to continue our bizarre, satirical exploration of people and place.

Additionally, next spring we have been invited to Trondheim, Norway for the prestigious LKV Residency www.lkv.no where we will complete our video series. All in all, our plan is to show a story of scope that explores varied cultures and locales.

We plan to live wisely and thriftily as we make our series. However, your generous donation will allow Other People to complete this journey by providing funds for gas for the RV, food for the artists, airplane tickets, and necessary art supplies (clay, wood, fabric, spray paint, tents, tape stock, hard drives, etc…).

We have yet to create any part of Other People without the help of our supportive community. Therefore, the title of this series is more than just a clever observation of other people. It is an acknowledgement that nothing happens without them.

Much Love and Gratitude,

Candace Thompson, Delaney Britt Brewer,  and John Peery