Hess Is More & Nomi Ruiz

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YNp_aEc-go&feature=related] The Hess Is More Album release party on Tuesday at The Westway, way way west by the westside highway was packed, energetic, and made me leave wanting more. I can be a little insatiable. You should see me at the movies with a pack of twizzlers. It's coo coo bananas. I down them before the trailers even begin, but less about me and more about Hess. He has this cool and calm demeanor while getting the party started. He wore a white button down, dinner jacket and shorts. Styling and jamming, I like that! The crowd was with the band all the way, and even joined in with the ending  jam session after Hess threw noise makers, mini cymbals, kazoos, and shakers. The finale of the night was Nomi Ruiz DJing. She kept the party going by playing music that was sick, but only my Belgian friend knew. So I danced the night away, and I bought the Hess Is More Album, Creation Keeps The Evil Away. End of story.