Dave Melillo

Checkout Singer Dave Melillo's interview in the current issue of Glamoholic Magazine by Bashar Zidane. Styled by Quentin Fears & Photographed by Sophie Elgort.  Thinking of You, by Dave Melillo [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/1304102" height="200"]

Irina Shabayeva

Some of my favorite pieces from the Season 6 Project Runway Winner, Irina Shabayeva Spring 2012 show at the Audi Showroom on Park Ave. Loving the translucent gel trench, knit shawl, and body conscious cocktail dresses with cutouts and lace up ties. These looks are great for a night on the town with all of your gal pals. 

Anne Fontaine-Forest Day

Today, Oct. 20th is definitely the day to shop Anne Fontaine. At all Anne Fontaine stores 50% of worldwide retail sales will be donated to the  Anne Fontaine Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to saving the Mata Atlantica Forest, a multi-variational forest in Brazil along the Atlantic coast. The Brazilian Atlantic Forest has one of the richest ecosystems in world, also one of the most endangered with only 7% of the forest remaining. Help the Anne Fontaine Foundation plant one million trees in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest over the next 5 years! In New York City checkout the Rockefeller Center location at 610 Fifth Ave. Nr. 49th. On a side note the Anne Fontaine bag shown below is made out of plastic bottles! 


[vimeo http://vimeo.com/29442312]A Look at a new and exciting line, Maynard. Maynard is created by designer Donna Potter and stylist Jia Li. The line is sexy and strong, a balancing act between the masculine and feminine, old and young. My favorite picks are the Rayon Knit with Powermesh, Jumpsuit and the Washed Silk Iomud Tunic. Take a look for yourself, and find your favorites. 

Eryn Brinie & Kai-aakmann Spring 2012 Showcase

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of previewing the  Spring 2012 lines of Eryn Brinie and Kai-aakmann. I was given a tour by Sunwoo Lee, the Marketing and PR Director of Acrex, Inc. She spoke to me about the essence of both lines after her meeting with the very cute and fabulous boys of Out Magazine.

Eryn Brinie Spring 2012 Showcase

After speaking with Sunwoo Lee, the Marketing and PR Director at Acrex, Inc. I learned that Eryn Brinie's line this season is about the lightness. It is very feminine yet modern. It is prim without being stuffy. The line has a free spirited attitude. The pieces can be worn to meetings, but it is not corporate wear, yet with the ability to look professional, put together but not dowdy. It is always chic. These pieces can be worn straight from the office to a cocktail party.   

The line this season is inspired by Actress Jane March of the film L'Amant/The Lovers. The film is very sexy. Jane wears H line dresses with men's hats and dancing shoes. The look is playful, sexy, yet innocent. Checkout the trailer and see for yourself. 


Kai-aakmann Spring 2012 Showcase

According to Sunwoo Lee, Kai-aakmann's line has a military element, but it is not as strong as last season's line. This season is more about soft tailoring with nice surprises like pleating in the back, opaque sleeves, and canvas twill against delicate chiffon. There is also a lot of great summer kints. The Men's line is more about color and fun.

Hess Is More & Nomi Ruiz

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YNp_aEc-go&feature=related] The Hess Is More Album release party on Tuesday at The Westway, way way west by the westside highway was packed, energetic, and made me leave wanting more. I can be a little insatiable. You should see me at the movies with a pack of twizzlers. It's coo coo bananas. I down them before the trailers even begin, but less about me and more about Hess. He has this cool and calm demeanor while getting the party started. He wore a white button down, dinner jacket and shorts. Styling and jamming, I like that! The crowd was with the band all the way, and even joined in with the ending  jam session after Hess threw noise makers, mini cymbals, kazoos, and shakers. The finale of the night was Nomi Ruiz DJing. She kept the party going by playing music that was sick, but only my Belgian friend knew. So I danced the night away, and I bought the Hess Is More Album, Creation Keeps The Evil Away. End of story.