Jai Rodriguez in Bed with David Hernandez

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy babe, Weho man about town, actor, musician and all-round talented culture guide Jai Rodriguez invites former American Idol Contestant and hunk, David Hernandez into his bed. But guys don't get too excited! We know just the sight of these two is enough to get that libido pumping, but it's not like that. They cozy up for a quick and innocent chat about David's career, new song, Beautiful and his life in general. Beautiful dropped on August 16th and is now available on iTunes. Take a look at this adorable clip and glimpse into Jai's boudoir. Our voyeur games is now on strong. Jai & David, can we at least get a kiss or naw?  


Inside David Hernandez - Fop Five

Fop Five with David Hernandez

Photo by Adam Bouska

Photo by Adam Bouska

Almost everything we need to know about David except his shoe size. 

What are five things that make you smile when you are having a terrible day? 

1. Coffee

2. Music

3. Phone call with my mom

4. Chicken Tenders

5. Sex

Who are five musical artists that inspire you?

1. Beyonce

2. Alicia Keys

3. Brian McKnight

4. Sam Smith

5. Jon Bellion

 What are your top five celebrity crushes?

1. Beyonce

2.  Rihanna

3.  Drake

4. Jennifer Lopez

 5. Zayn