Asheville, NC Creates Not So Silent Protest Against HB2 with Gender Neutral Restrooms

North Carolina's bathroom law, HB2 continues to receive backlash. The law signed into effect by Governor Pat McCory requires people to use the restroom based on gender listed on their birth certificate discriminates against Transgender citizens. Many companies like PayPal, Bank of America, A&E, American Airlines, Apple, Dow, Fox and the NBA have limited or restricted businesses and/or events in the state. Upon Fop's visit to Asheville, North Carolina we noticed the quaint yet liberal town is holding isn't own quiet protest. Many businesses in this picturesque town have created gender neutral or coed restrooms. This has been a little loop hole in the law. We noticed this from coffee shops to craft beer bars to exclusive country clubs. We love that so many people in this community are taking a stand against this hateful law. 

Between Asheville's Blue Ridge Mountains, progressive thought and the Craft Beer scene we think it's an excellent place to visit. Checkout more about Asheville Here: