Love Your Prostate

The prostate, Greek for “guardian”, is sometimes referred to more modernly as the male G-spot. For anyone who has bottomed and reached orgasm simply through anal penetration without any stimulation to the penis, thank your prostate.  Yet surprisingly, there is not much written on the prostate despite voluminous writings on anal sex in general.

Although it is commonly thought that men can enjoy receptive anal sex due to the presence of a prostate, while women cannot due to their absence of a prostate, this is not true. Indeed as many as 10% of heterosexual couples have anal sex on the regular and that’s likely not a unilateral decision. The clitoris surrounds both the vagina and the anus, suggesting plenty of room for pleasure amongst the female of the species. In fact, there are more nerve endings in the anus than the vagina and plenty reason to believe anal sex can be enjoyable for any receptive partner regardless of gender.  The rectal cavity in the average person is 8–9 inches long.

Bringing the focus back to the prostate, why do men have a prostate if women don’t? Aside from a theoretical evolutionary role in enhancing receptive anal sex among men, its highest priority is to expel the best ejaculate possible. The prostate is about the size of a walnut and it is primarily made of muscle. The prostate can contract and help shoot ejaculate with more force through your pipes. Typically that first big cum wad is mostly made up of prostatic secretions (aka milkshake), which protect and enhance sperm (almost 500 million!).  The secretions are alkaline and contain a ton of zinc to stabilize DNA strands, making the sperm that shoot out with them the strongest. 

Of course there are many ways to stimulate the prostate that don’t necessarily involve an “8- or 9-inch” helper. Manual and oral stimulation and sex toys are well known. Perhaps less well known are your doctor’s fingers (not a reference to doctor porn). Sexual dysfunction has been around as long as sex and MDs who specialize in sexual dysfunction have produced a ton of expertise in research and treatments for men who have difficulty finding pleasure. One older technique that may still be employed is the “prostatic massage” whereby the physician has the patient lie on his side with his trousers down to determine whether he can be brought to orgasm in the exam room. Perhaps a Monday morning cure for a strike-out weekend?