Love is Blind - Dekkoo

It's not all about Logo's Finding Prince Charming. Dekkoo is now getting into the gay dating action with a new series, Love is Blind. The show is set to air Valentine's Day.

The show follows sixteen single NYC men on an unpredictable and sometimes out of control dates. Love is Blind often begins with sexy yet awkward ice-breaking activities - from wrestling matches to kink classes to body painting and tantric yoga. This all sounds so hot to us! What a great way to start a first date by rolling around on the floor with a guy you just met who you already want to bone.

The show is hosted by comedian Mike Kelton who has been seen on Logo, MTV and VH1. (pronounced “DECK-koo”) is the premiere subscription-based streaming service dedicated to gay men. It provides the largest streaming collection of gay-centric entertainment available boasting a larger selection than Netflix or Amazon Video. Dekkoo is available via iTunes, Google Play, AppleTV and Roku and now via the new Amazon Dekkoo Channel.