Style Guide Summer 2018 - Not for the Faint of Heart, but the Queer at Heart




M  A  G - Style Guide Summer 2018

Not for the Faint of Heart, but the Queer at Heart

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Palomo: Blue Lame Jumpsuit for that queer night out with your daddy or your gaggle of ladyboys. 

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Mr. Turk: Thurston Blazer for that Palms Springs Cocktail Party by the pool. This look will definitely get your suitor's attention.


Birkenstock & KPM Collab: When you want to feel like absolute royalty.


Parke & Ronen: Fish Net Tank Top for them drunken nights out in West Hollywood.

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Goorin Bros.: Jac Jac Straw Hat its super cute and on trend. It's a little something extra to elevate any outfit. 


Moore: Striped Extra Tunic This is for that casual Sunday. This is the perfect look for the Queer Brunch at Burnsdall Park. 


Sodhipop: Queer LGBTQ Stained Glass Necklace It's just something a little extra to show your pride.


Marco Marco: Tropical Jockstrap for whenever your feeling playful and flirty. 


Menagerie: Cropped T-Shirt in Satin This look will definitely turn heads. When you want all the attention and you feel sexy af!


Jakimac: Men's Superdad Halter Harness Whenever you want the world to know who's daddy.