Inside Ruba's World - The Rising Prince of Media

Ruba Wilson's Exclusive Editorial Spread

Photography: Shanna Fisher

Styling: Quentin Fears

Grooming: Khamilia Levonne

Shirt & Pant: Joshua Christensen

We chatted with the adorable Ruba Wilson, the breakout star of OWN’s reality show Flex and Shanice. Ruba, the cousin of famed 90’s R&B singer Shanice, who is married to actor/comedian Flex Alexander, is starting to make a name for himself in the entertainment world. This photogenic babe is hard to nail down working as a host, model, singer and actor. We finally got a chance to ask about his career path, love life and how he gets those amazing locs. 


How’s your day going?

My day is amazing! I’m about to head to the set of K.C. Undercover to visit Zendaya and Tammy Townsend.


Wow that’s awesome! Are you interviewing Zandaya?

No, just visiting the set. They are friends of the family.


That has to be nice! Did you know Zandaya before all of your new-found fame? What is it like visiting a set like that?

No, actually a good friend of our family Rosero McCoy, who was the choreographer for Disney’s Shake It Up, asked me to do some dancing on an episode of Shake It Up and I met her there. 


Wow, you’re so well connected. What was it like growing up around Hollywood? Especially having a famous cousin like Shanice (R&B singer of I Love Your Smile). 

(Laughs in amusement) It’s cool. Honestly it just makes you want to be better at what you do; keep striving for the best. Some people get confused with being connected and working hard. I’m here to tell you that luck definitely favors the prepared.


True. It seems like you are working hard to create a career and to step out on your own. What has that process been like for you?

Thank you! Knowing who you are. Staying consistent with what I’m doing. 



Hat: Goorin Brothers, Shirt: Moore Custom Goods, Pants: Dunyah

You are doing so much right now. You are on a reality show, you model, host and you’ve been creating new music. What is your focus? 

Honestly, I’m going to be a billion-dollar brand! I’m going to be hosting, modeling, acting and singing etc. These are the things that I love to do and I plan on doing them and being successful at it for the rest of my life.So there isn’t one thing I focus more on.


I love the drive. You seem to always have a smile on your face and have an exuberant attitude. Is that a part of your appeal? 

I truly try to stay optimistic and positive about things. It’s definitely not premeditated, I’m just me. I have a lot to be thankful for! 


So I see a lot of you on social media and on the reality show Flex and Shanice, but we never see you dating. Are you dating anyone and what kind of person are looking to be with?  

I’ve gone one a few dates, but right now I’m not dating. To be honest with you, I would love to be in a relationship right now but relationships are definitely work, and right now I’m really working towards my career. If that special person comes along then I’ll take it from there. I know this for sure, the universe gives you what you need when you need it. The kind of person I’m looking to be with is someone who is beautiful inside and out, loves life and loves me. 


Describe your ideal date. 

Hmm… My ideal date would be to go somewhere fun like an amusement park and then grab some dinner by the beach. 


To change the topic a bit in one episode of Flex and Shanice you were arrested. What happened? 

OMG yeah. Life happened; that’s what happened (chuckles). I live in a residential area and any sort of loud music and/or noise my neighbors hear they’ll call the cops. I know, lame. In my case, I had a party with my friends and there was some drinking going on etc., and I took the fall. Not my proudest moment but it happened. No charges were pressed and it’s not on my record, praise Jesus! 


Yes, that’s good. So you have incredible style. How do you describe it? Also your hair! How long have you been growing it? Hair goals!!

Thanks a million!! How do I describe my style? However I feel, I dress. One day I may be in all black, the other I may wear something super loud and vibrant. I’ve been growing my hair since I was three.


Amazing. You seem to be fearless with some of your style choices, similar to Jaden Smith. You seem to be comfortable with painting your nails and expressing yourself. Where does that come from?

Ever since I was a kid I was a dare devil doing all kinds of crazy stuff and expressing myself! I just truly do what I want to do, as long as I’m not hurting myself or others. I’m going to continue to do what I choose. And I hope others do the same! 


That’s great advice. Who has been your favorite person to interview?

I would say Hugh Jackman has been my favorite interview because he is such a huge star and he was so personable and down to earth. I think those are amazing qualities that everyone should possess.


Anything else you’d like to add?

Make sure everyone checks out season 3 of Flex and Shanice on the Oprah Winfrey Network July 2nd!

Shirt: Dunyah

Tank & Shorts: Moore Custom Goods