STI Gone Kink!

An excerpt from the Dude X interview. More in the "Hard Copy!"  

We all have our “thing” when it comes to sex. It might be sucking on toes, the whole dominatrix thing, cross dressing, getting peed on, contracting an STI, etc. that gets us off. Some of you might’ve flinched at the last one, but you read right. Someone out there is into it, and he/she may only be a phone call or text away from you. Here is a surprising and disturbing story of how Dude X contracted gonorrhea and found out his new sexual partner of the day not only enjoyed catching STIs, but did it intentionally. This was a part of is “kink”, or fetish. Submitting to his alpha was about contracting whatever he could possibly catch—like a momento of his escapade. This guy also kept a rotation of men in the East Village for this very purpose and Dude X found himself on this guy’s STI list. 


Fop had the pleasure of sitting down with Dude X and got all the intriguing details in this intimate interview. We didn’t waste any time and dove right in!

Dude X: Around six months ago, I was cruising on Grindr. I was in the mood to top a guy and hoping for someone who was also into a bit of kink.


What do you mean by “into kink”?

Well, I love armpits and wanted a guy who was open to that. Five minutes after opening the app, this sexy 20-something messaged me and said he was in my area. He liked pits as well so it sounded great. He mentioned he was hanging out on someone's stoop and that he had already hooked up with someone that day. 


He had already had sex that day? Was that a red flag for you?

It didn’t seem odd to me because it’s definitely a move I’ve made before. And living in the East Village, guys are often visiting, or at a bar nearby who want to hookup but live elsewhere. So it wasn’t a red flag at all. I invite him over. He was there in 10 minutes.


That was quick. Was he eager?

Yes, it was quick. I don’t know about you, but having a sexy, eager 20-something show up at my door after signing on to Grindr only 15 minutes prior is rare. Finding a Grindr hookup can be an all day affair. He was eager and very sexy.


What was it about him that made him sexy? Can you describe it?

He was 23 or 24, around 5’9” and 140 lbs. He had sandy blonde hair with hazel eyes with a slight olive tone to his naturally smooth skin. He was toned and had great smelling armpits. The kind of twink you want to tear apart. We head to my room. He immediately strips and starts kissing me while groping my crotch...


More in the "Hard Copy"